Holly Mortgage 123 LLC
Holly Mortgage 123 LLC

Simplifying the mortgage process

Providing Licensed Third Party Processing to Mortgage Brokers


Our website is your keys to the door of supercharging your pipeline. Have you recently become tired of the tedious routine of searching for a processor with claimed experience that all too soon after onboarding you find is not a good fit? Do you find it is impossible to staff up during times of high volume and staff down during receding volume promptly? Are you looking to avoid the Human Resources nightmares of healthcare costs, payroll taxes and potential “Me Too” wrongful dismissal allegations?   Your time is better spent building relationships and winning new clients!

Meet the Team

Player #1


THAT'S YOU!  You are the Rockstar Loan Officer who brings in the business and stays on top of his pipeline via daily emails/phone calls AND weekly written pipeline updates. You are at the center of the Holly Mortgage 123 Universe.

Player #2



HOLLY ROTH, NMLS #404210 will manage the processing of your loan file from 1003 to CD bringing over 35 years of experience to the table as the former sole owner of a successful mortgage banking operation from 1983-2008. More recently having worked at several major banking institutions as both an Originator and Processing Team Manager. She holds/have held the following certifications: 

· HUD direct endorsement underwriter #N343

· VA approved underwriter

· FNMA certificates in condos, self employed borrowers and property valuation

· HUD 203K and HECM certifications 

· H & R Block Certified Tax Preparer



The Other Players


Holly's support staff is a broad ranging sphere of talent she has met along her way.  All support staff is based on USA mainland and can support various aspects of more complicated loan transactions.  Spanish speaking compliant processors are also available.

Mortgage closings in 1-2-3 easy steps


Loan Application

Applicants can securely apply on this website, pull credit and verify assets OR you can upload an existing FNMA 3.2 file!


Client Counseling

Your clients are warmly introduced to their processor by phone and follow-up email.  They will be walked and talked thru the entire process of document gathering and delivered smoothly to the desired closing date.


Opening the Vault to a wealth of Wholesale Lending Funds

Knowledgeable  staff will suggest guideline workarounds, alert you to overlays and advise you of alternate products and lender sources.  You will earn more commissions by working smarter and keeping a sales-oriented focus on gaining new clients.

Our Services

Loan Processing


  • CONVENTIONAL LOANS       $750*
  • FHA/VA/USDA LOANS      $795*
  • REVERSE LOANS HECM     $1000*                                               *billed to client on CD as allowed by state law

Better Call Saul (or Holly)


Consulting services provided for reading tax returns, re-scoring credit or obtaining condo approval.

*billed hourly

Rely on Expertise


If you have questions about NMLS and State Licensing requirements, we can help.  Consulting services provinding for New Licensees, Call Reporting and Audit Preparation are also available.

*billed hourly  or by project


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